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      Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics

The Library has 33 STEAM KITS to choose from

All About Dinosaurs Kit                                    Little Critter Phonics Kits                             Trucks and Tools Kit

All about Magnets Kit                                        Machines and Contraptions Kit                   Understanding Our Universe Kit

Animal Games Kit                                             Money, Math and Economics Kit                Yoga for Mindfulness Kit

Art and Crafts Creative Kit                                 My Amazing Body Kit

Berenstain Bears Kit                                           Peppa Pig Phonics Kit

Biscuit Phonics Kit                                              Pete the Cat Loves Preschool Kit

Building and Designs Kit                                   Phonics Kit

Electronics, Coding and Bots Kit                        Pinakalicious Phonic Kit

Engineering Gears and Magnets Kit                  Ready, Set Kindergarten Kit

Estimation and Patterns Kit                               Robotics and Coding Kit

Everyday Science Kit                                          Rocks and Fossils Kit

Explore Circuits Kit                                             Sounds, Music and Band Kit

Fancy Nancy Phonics Kit                                   Stamps and Stencils Kit

I Love Animals Kit                                               Starting to Spell Kit

Learn to Move and Play Kit                               The Shape of Things Kit