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Welcome to the Chocorua Public Library

The Chocorua Public Library is closed to the public due to the Corvid-19 Virus Outbreak.

You can still access the Wi-Fi from the parking lot and or the patio.

Please stay safe.


Come, relax and check out our website we have some interesting programs and events we would like to share with you. If you like what you see stop on by have a cup of coffee and enjoy the “Living Room Library”

See you at the Library —-Enjoy!!!!


Sunday 1pm to 5pm

Monday 1pm to 7pm

Thursday 11am to 5pm

                                                                 Third Monday of the Month Song Circle from 7pm to 8:30pm

25 Deer Hill Road

Chocorua, NH 03817



Chocorua Public Library is one of the few privately funded public libraries in the state of New Hampshire. Its mission is to identify community needs and to meet those needs. We promote and stimulate knowledge, wisdom, culture and enjoyment, and continuous self-education for all residents by the acquisition of books and other tools of education. We strive to expand our role in our ever- changing community….Read the rest of our Mission Statement in the ABOUT US SECTION at the top of this page.