Chocorua, New Hampshire is a rural village nestled among mountains and lakes of pristine beauty in the Mount Washington Valley.  Mt. Chocorua overlooks the area, and is a spectacular mountain rich in history and recreational opportunities.   With Lake Chocorua at the foot of the mountain range, this natural beauty creates one of the most scenic views in New England.

Not far from Lake Chocorua is the Chocorua Public Library. It is one of the few privately funded libraries in New Hampshire which is open for public use. The library is solely maintained by a board of trustees, dedicated staff, and a supportive community.

Founded in 1888 by Boston educators and businessmen to provide literacy opportunities for summer and year round residents, the Chocorua Public Library continues to provide a need for the people of Chocorua, as well as all Carroll County residents.

Originally funded by subscription for Chocorua residents, library privileges were extended to include all of Tamworth in 1891. At the time, library participation came at a cost of $1.00 per subscriber. Today, the library is free and open to all who wish to borrow books and DVDs, use computers or attend programs.

The library was first housed in the Chocorua Post Office and later in small, damp quarters of the “old” Runnells Hall. In 1969, in conjunction with Runnells Hall and thanks to a generous bequest from Elizabeth Whittemore, Chocorua Public Library was able to construct its own building. The library is comfortable and well lit, creating a living room atmosphere rich with conversation, books, and community.

Currently, Chocorua Public Library actively participates in local library cooperatives, the state of NH library system, and offers large library services with small library friendliness. The library continues to expand technology  and develop programs to accommodate community needs and interests. All of this while retaining its history as a rural library with a great collection of books!

Library Director: Shauna Peterson

Assistant Librarian:

Library Trustees

President: Donna Coco

Vice-president: Kate Stanley

Treasurer: Susan MacDonald

Secretary : Melissa Smith


Susan Peter