Welcome to the Chocorua Public Library

Chocorua Public Library is one of the few privately funded libraries in New Hampshire which is open for public use. The library is solely maintained by an active board of trustees, dedicated staff, and a supportive community. Founded in 1888 by Boston educators and businessmen to provide literacy opportunities for Chocorua’s summer and year round residents, the Chocorua Public Library continues to be a prominent community facility in Chocorua Village.




What’s New at the Chocorua Public Library?

Chocorua Public Library is now offering downloadable books! Chocorua Public Library is a member of the NH Downloadable Books Consortium.  Download books and audio books from a large selection, and enjoy on your computer, or transfer to your Kindle, iPod, eBook reader, or other compatible device. Learn more here!

In August 2012, the Chocorua Public Library published it’s first cookbook.  This is not your ordinary cookbook!  Our librarians have filled it with many wonderful literary quotes, poetry and notes from yesteryear. Stop in the next time you are near the library to pick up your copy.  You can also order them online and have them shipped to your house.  These cookbooks make a great gift!  Just click here to purchase online!



The Library offers some fun and interesting programs just click here to learn more!


Board Members!

We are always seeking new board members to join our team.  Please contact the library or email [email protected] if you would like more information about joining us!

Meet Our Librarians

Marion Posner, Librarian

Myles Grinstead, Assistant Librarian